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You can hire me to help with your WordPress development projects both large and small.

In its simplest form what I offer is “building websites with WordPress”. Which means that you can hire me to create and customise websites tailored to your particular requirements that run on the WordPress publishing platform.

  • I can set you up with a WordPress website and train you how to use it
  • I can help with front end development including building custom WordPress themes
  • I can help with customising the WordPress back end including simplifying the user interface and extending the possibilities for content management
  • I can develop plugins to carry out a whole range of additional tasks
  • I can integrate WordPress with third party APIs and other technologies
  • I can build solutions using WordPress as an application platform
  • I can do sophisticated things with WordPress multi-site networks

My standard freelance rate is £240.00 a day plus expenses.

If you have a project that you think I could help with please do get in touch.