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My support and maintenance service for organisations running larger and more complex WordPress powered websites, including WordPress multi-site.

Hire me as your WordPress Concierge and I will take care of the technology that powers your website allowing you to concentrate on your content and visitors.

I will look after your WordPress installation and related technology ensuring that it runs smoothly and securely, is monitored and regularly updated, and that it grows and develops as the demands on your website grow and change. I will also be on hand to help fix things if problems occur.


The WordPress Concierge service consists of:

— The active management of your WordPress installation including updates and upgrades, regular content backups, and working with plugins and related services.

— If necessary, managing domain names and hosting contracts to ensure that your website runs on a robust and efficient infrastructure.

— Up to one day per month of support to handle any problems and issue with your website that do occur.

— Unlimited emergency support if your website goes down.

— Configuring and maintaining your website’s integrations with other services, such as Facebook and Twitter, ensuring they all work together the way that you need them to.

— Monitoring the security and performance of your website, including providing you with regular reports and recommendations.

— Where possible, a rolling program of incremental improvements and additional features to help your website to grow and adapt.

— A significant discount on my usual rate for WordPress development projects related to your website. This could include the redesign, customisation or creation of major new features.

— Friendly advice, access to a growing range of guides and support materials, and the comfort in knowing that there is someone around to look after the geeky things.


The WordPress Concierge service costs £360.00 a month.

This includes the costs of additional third-party services but excludes the cost of web hosting.