This website and blog has been badly neglected. The “temporary” theme I was using for it, “Fluid Blue“, was installed back in September 2010 and there has been no new content for almost exactly a year. This is not remotely good enough!

However, over the last couple of months things have begun to change. I’m refocussing the business and beginning to gear up for a bit of a relaunch in the near future. More of this shortly. As a part of that I am paying some proper attention to my professional online presence and sorting out the Grit & Oyster website.

So far I’ve made quite a few changes on the back-end with a move to a new server for web hosting and setting things up so that the site can become more a cluster of WordPress installations, each serving a different purpose. I’ve also installed this snazzy new theme. This time it is one I have developed myself. The aim of theme was to be more reflective of the Grit & Oyster branding, such as it is, and to make full use of responsive design.

Obviously there is still a lot of tweaking of the theme and the layout and content of the site to do. I’m conscious it lacks images and the front page has more gaps than content at the moment. However, I am happy with the overall shape of the site. While I do want it to promote my work and the services I offer, my objective for the future is for this to become my “media and technology” blog, with a particular emphasis on WordPress. So hopefully you won’t have to wait another year for the next post!