I’m really sad that the collaborative online writing and editing tool that I’ve been using, Editorially, is to close.

The team behind it announced the closure in a blog post on Wednesday;

We’re proud of the team and tool that we built together and incredibly thankful that so many of you were willing to give it a try. And we continue to believe that evolving the way we collaborate as writers and editors is important work. But Editorially has failed to attract enough users to be sustainable, and we cannot honestly say we have reason to expect that to change.

I haven’t been a particularly heavy user of Editorially, but my use of it had been growing and it was gradually becoming an important part of my workflow for some tasks. I’d been planning to try and make more use of its collaborative possibilities in the future. So its closure on May 30th is a real disappointment.

I thought it was a really good example of an elegant user interface and was a pleasure to use. So it is distressing that such a well designed tool has failed to become sustainable.

Goodbye Editorially and thank you.

Grit & Oyster provides and supports websites built with WordPress. Which is a simple enough definition of what I do — but in order to clarify things for clients and to ensure that I can maintain a high level of quality I’ve been working on some new definitions of the services I offer. 

I have designed four distinct services to meet the needs of a range of different individuals and organisations. 

  1. For individual professionals, freelancers, campaigners and bloggers looking for a personal home page or portfolio website there is the GritPress network. This is currently in development and will enter a beta phase soon.
  2. Small and medium sized organisations and businesses looking for someone to sort them out a website may be interested in signing up to the GritHost network.
  3. Larger organisations or those with more complex websites looking for the reassurances of someone to look after their installation might benefit from my WordPress Concierge service.
  4. Finally, I am available as a freelance WordPress developer for hire for custom development projects.