Grit & Oyster often does work on websites associated with the Liberal Democrats. I try to ensure that these websites conform to the corporate style of the national party.

An official colour palette was included in the style guide published by the national party. Unfortunately this colour palette, while specified in RGB and Pantone values, was not specified in the hexidecimal format commonly used within web code. Also I have learnt that the palette used on the national Liberal Democrat website does not conform precisely to the palette included in the style guide. Although, this is probably sensible as some of the colours don’t work so well when displayed on the screen.

To deal with these issues I have created my own Lib Dem colour palette for use on websites. I have made this publicly available on this website on a page which has details of both the direct translation from the style guide and the palette that I came up with. It can be found at the following link:

The website for Grit & Oyster Limited has been refreshed to give it a better look and greater flexibility.

This website hadn’t been properly updated for quite a while. So it needed to be changed to reflect the current status of the business, given a more attractive look, and to be brought into line with current internet standards.

I also wanted to move it to WordPress as its platform for content management. This was not only to reflect the fact that a large part of  the work I am doing at the moment is developing WordPress themes, but also to provide greater flexibility in publishing content and highlighting some of the projects I have been working on.

The current theme is the child theme for Fluid Blue that I created for my personal website. This is a temporary measure. I intend to develop a specific theme for this website when work on other projects allows me.