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Bookmarklets in Safari on your iPad

I’ve been slowly getting to grips with my new iPad and configuring it to make it a useful business tool. However, one of the frustrations I’ve found is the limited features in the mobile version of the Safari browser. The lack of features I assume makes it robust and speedy but it does make the use of it for some tasks awkward. In particular I want to be able to easily save and share web pages.

However I have just found a handy work around for many of these frustrations through the use of bookmarklets. Setting them up can be a little fiddly but once you have done so you can add some powerful extra functionality to the browser. This screenshot shows the bookmarklets I have added to ‘Save to’ folder on the Bookmarks Bar:

The following pages give instructions for how to do this and provides some of the necessary JavaScript code to create the bookmarklets.

Useful Bookmarklets for your iPad and iPhone

Bookmarklets for your iPad

I’ve also added a bookmarklet for the LibDig service. The JavaScript for this is as follows:''+encodeURIComponent(location.href)+'&t='+encodeURIComponent(document.title))()