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Hi. I’m Andy Strange. I build websites with WordPress.

Over ten years experience of on-line media

Andy Strange

I’ve spent over ten years managing, editing, writing for, and building websites (and intranets) for charities, public sector bodies, businesses and individuals. In that time I have probably done most of the things you can do in the world of on-line media. I’ve project managed website redesigns, designed user interfaces, written copy and written code, set up web servers, updated home pages, managed social media, and made on-line videos.

Now, however, I’ve fallen in love with WordPress.

A WordPress specialist

This open source content management system is so easy to use — and yet so brilliantly flexible and customisable — that I would recommend it being placed at the heart of almost any project that involves some form of on-line publishing. At the moment I wouldn’t choose to use anything else.

I’ve become so committed to WordPress that I’ve chosen to take the plunge and focus my business around WordPress development.

To do this in a way that provides clarity and ensures quality I have designed four distinct services to meet the needs of a range of different individuals and organisations.

I am also working on a number of projects and products that have WordPress at their heart.

Can I help?

If you have a project that you think I could help with, or just want some friendly advice, please do get in touch.

Exciting as all this is, there is more to me than building websites with WordPress. You can find at more about my other stuff on my personal website.