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Oystershell is a WordPress theme. I call it my ‘base’ theme because it is the theme I use to build (most, but not all) WordPress themes for clients and other projects. The themes I build are child themes of Oystershell.

On its own Oystershell doesn’t look like much – it needs a child theme to provide the design and layout elements – but the code it contains represents many hours of development and refinement. It contains my implementation of many ideas I have found and researched about best practice in WordPress themes and website development. It also incorporates my own approach to the structuring of WordPress themes.

The advantage of using Oystershell as a base for the development of themes is that it speeds up the process and ensures that at the core of all my themes is a solid standards compliant code base that is included automatically. Also, by regularly updating Oystershell, I hope to make it easier to maintain the themes I produce as WordPress grows and develops.

As of November 2014 Oystershell is I believe sufficiently well developed for me to declare that it has reached ‘Version 1’. I’ve made this version freely available on GitHub.

Oystershell on GitHub