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Come to the woods

Professional life coach Andy Jaeger needed some help developing and refocusing his website to make it a more effective tool for marketing his business.

Andy already had a WordPress based website set up and had found a theme that he liked, Travelify, which he had set up himself. He asked me to help because he wasn’t entirely satisfied with the result and was unsure about the best way to improve it. So this project ended up having two parts.

Firstly there was some strategic consultancy. We discussed Andy’s objectives for the website and how best to structure it. I ended up recommending that we divide the website into two clearly defined sections. The first section was to provide a much more focussed set of marketing pages describing the nature of the services that Andy offers. The second section was to be a blog.

I felt that given the nature of the business the website needed to strongly reflect Andy’s personality and so we should emphasise the role of the blog. I encouraged Andy to see himself as a blogger and to develop a content strategy which would enable him to communicate his particular approach to coaching and build up his profile as a professional. This should enable him to establish a readership which would then become a pool of potential clients.

Secondly, to help make this strategy work in practice, I made several adaptations to the original theme. The most significant change was restructuring the navigation to emphasise the two sections of the website. I made changes to the menu system so that it would change as the visitor moved between sections and I supported this with changes to the website’s colour scheme.

Finally I made sure that the WordPress installation was configured properly and installed some recommended plugins.

Andy’s comment on the work that I did was;

“I couldn’t be happier with the results. Rather than just focusing on the look and feel of my website, Andy helped me think through what I wanted the website to achieve for my business, and worked with me to design a solution that I’m very happy with. Technically, the solution he created is elegant and user-friendly.”