Oystershell is a WordPress theme. I call it my ‘base’ theme because it is the theme I use to build (most, but not all) WordPress themes for clients and other projects. The themes I build are child themes of Oystershell. On its own Oystershell doesn’t look like much – it needs a child theme to […]

Come to the woods

My work on the ‘Come to the woods’ website. Professional life coach Andy Jaeger needed some help developing and refocusing his website to make it a more effective tool for marketing his business.

Positive News

I have provided technical support and helped with various maintenance tasks for the Positive News website.

Greyz Design

Developing the WordPress theme for the Greyz Design website.


My work providing technical support and helping to develop MyCouncillor, a network of websites for Liberal Democrat councillors and campaigners that is based on a multi-site installation of WordPress.

Public Address Systems

Developing the WordPress theme for the Public Address Systems website.