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Liberal Democrat Colour Palette

Update 16 May 2017

Things have changed since I originally put up this page. Here I used to provide details of the official colour palette used by the Liberal Democrats and a suggested colour palette for use on the web. This was because easily accessible information suitable for those doing web design and wanting to use the party branding online was not available elsewhere.

But now the Liberal Democrats are doing a much better job of making this information available. The latest (as of 2017) version of the brand style guide is freely available online. It includes details of a very simple colour paletteĀ of only two colours (plus white): a yellow (#FAA61A) and a ‘charcoal’ (#151721).

You can find the Liberal Democrat style guide here, along with a resources toolkit containing fonts, logos and other useful graphics.

Further Update 31 May 2017

I’ve had a request to restore the details of the previous “Aqua” colour scheme that this page originally documented. Happy to oblige if it is useful — but do be aware that the official palette is that detailedĀ above.

Primary colours

Pantone 1235C
r253 g187 b48

r35 g31 b32

Pantone 7474C
r0 g146 b159

Deep Red
Pantone 187C
r167 g25 b48

Secondary colours

Light Green
Pantone 382C
r193 g216 b47

Light Blue
Pantone 7474C
r128 g200 b207

r147 g149 b152

Suggested colour palette for use on the web

Web primary colours




Deep Red

Web secondary colours

Light Green

Light Blue


Aqua variations


Dark Aqua

Light Aqua

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